On a cold autumn day not far from now, you’ll be heading to your thermostat to crank up the heat for the first time this season. When that happens, you’ll want to be sure your heat actually works. Here are Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning’s top 5 reasons you need preventative furnace maintenance this fall.

Keep your home safe this fall and winter

Gas furnaces are reliable sources of heat during cold weather in Charlotte. However, damaged furnaces can leak gas and emit carbon monoxide, both of which are highly dangerous. Schedule preventative furnace maintenance to keep the air in your home safe and clean.

Lower energy bills with Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning

Proper maintenance is the key to energy-efficient HVAC, especially when cold weather hits. Have your equipment tuned up early this fall to save money throughout the colder months of the year.

Preventative furnace maintenance required under warranty

Your heating system most likely has a warranty that requires routine maintenance of the unit. Don’t void your warranty by skipping the service call this season!

Avoid costly repairs in Charlotte

Without regular maintenance, minor wear and tear will soon turn into major damage to your heating equipment. Your system will begin to break down, and before long you’ll need a replacement. And you don’t want to deal with a broken down furnace when temperatures begin to drop outside.

A more comfortable home

Preventative furnace maintenance allows your heating system to deliver peak performance during fall and winter. With better temperature and humidity controls, your home will stay consistently warm in each room so the whole house is always comfortable.

Call or click here to schedule your preventative furnace maintenance with Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning today. Our experienced technicians will inspect your equipment and perform any necessary repairs to keep it running smoothly and efficiently throughout this fall and winter in Charlotte. Call or click today!