Have your heating costs begun to get out of hand? Why is your energy bill so high this winter, and what can you do about it? Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help.

Ductwork repair from Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning

Leaky ductwork is an absolute killer of HVAC efficiency. Small cracks in the ductwork allow warm air to escape and cold air to make its way into the ducts. When this happens, your home will never feel warm enough, and you’ll waste energy trying to heat it. Call Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning for ductwork repair this winter in Charlotte.

Poor attic insulation

A poorly insulated attic is guaranteed to raise your energy bills during winter. Without the proper insulation, warm air from the living spaces in your home will leak out through the attic. Along with increased energy costs, this can lead to ice dams which cause roof leakage. Make sure your attic is properly insulated this winter.

Weatherstripping benefits in Charlotte

It doesn’t matter how efficient your furnace or heat pump is if your house isn’t properly sealed. Inadequate weatherstripping and caulk around door and window frames will allow valuable heat to escape as soon as it’s produced. Keep the heat indoors where it belongs by sealing your home.

Change air filter for lower energy bill

It’s the “apple-a-day” of HVAC efficiency: Change your air filter! Look, we get it. The winter is a busy time with all the holidays and vacations, and small tasks inevitably fall by the wayside. However, changing the filter is one chore you can’t afford to miss. Installing a fresh filter each month is the easiest way to keep your furnace running efficiently, providing more consistent heat for less money. Go ahead and mark down your monthly filter change on the calendar now so you don’t forget!

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